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When you are looking to remodel your bathroom, one of the most important things you will be purchasing is your sink. It is an incredibly important piece that is both functionally necessary and a huge design factor. There are so many options that are unique and trendy or classic and beautiful that you can install in your bathroom to bring everything together. What sink you choose will have a lot to do with the size of your space but also with your personal style. Here are five different types of sinks that you can install in your bathroom that will look great and serve you well.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are great for when you are low on space and cannot accommodate a large and at times cumbersome countertop and cabinets. It is perfect for half bathrooms and while being light and airy can be both minimalist or ornate depending on what style of sink you go with. Obviously, you will not get the same kind of storage using a pedestal sink, but one of the reasons that you go with a pedestal sink is because you don’t have the extra space for that storage and need something compact to suit your bathroom.

Undermount Sink

This “>type of sink is most commonly found in kitchens but is also an incredibly popular option for bathrooms. An undermount sink will often look like it is a custom job because it is set inside the countertop that you purchase. Even if it has been mass produced you will still have something that looks custom just for you. The installation can be more difficult, as everything must be sized and cut perfectly for it to work, but the results are worth it! Especially considering how much counter space you gain, the cabinet space underneath, and the pipes hidden away.

Wall-mounted Sink

Wall mount sinks are similar to pedestal sinks and are great space savers. The only difference is that a pedestal sink is mounted on the ground while the other is mounted on the wall. If you have any accessibility needs, then a wall-mounted sink is an excellent option as you can steer a wheelchair under it, unlike with other options. If you do not have accessibility needs, then it’s a great spot for a laundry basket. Just ensure that you install it correctly so that it does not begin to sag. Also, the plumbing should be disguised inside the wall.

Console Sink

A console sink is quite eye-catching. It is a lot like a wall mounted sink but with two legs, one at each corner that acts as support. Many console sinks use mixed materials, one material for the sink (such as porcelain) and metal or wood for the legs.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink stands on top of the countertop and is a style that truly demands attention. It is a unique design and can add levels to your space.

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