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If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom without going through with a full renovation, there are a few ways to expertly achieve this goal without breaking the bank. Even if you are thinking about a full renovation in the future, the following tips will help you along the way and you can utilize these elements into your future renovation while lowering the costs.

Add new, high-quality accessories

If your bathroom feels outdated and you have mismatched accessories, the easiest way to refresh your bathroom is by installing upgraded shower curtains, sinks, tubs or toilets. Instead of the shower curtain you got back in the 00s, try upgrading it to a fresh white one to match with your toilet and sink. This will give the illusion that your bathroom is much bigger than it actually is. To give your bathroom a pop of colour, try using bright towels and add a few plants that can survive in humid conditions.

Clean and add storage options to your bathroom

Your bathroom can accumulate a lot of debris and garbage over the years. It could be empty soap bottles, old toothbrushes and razors, outdated accessories like old hair dryers or straighteners, or toys that your children like to play with in the bath but never put away properly. The easiest (but least fun) way to update your bathroom is by decluttering it then doing a thorough cleaning. During the decluttering phase, throw out any items or products that you haven’t used in the past year, and purchase extra storage units, like a wicker basket or cabinets, to keep things you don’t use as often off of your countertop. You can also store bath toys and extra towels in these storage units to keep everything nice and tidy.

Once all the clutter is gone, you can start the deep cleaning of your bathroom. This will take a lot of elbow grease and hard work, but once it is done, the results will be immaculate! Take pride in keeping your bathroom clean by having a daily cleaning routine rather than waiting every month or so to do a full cleaning. Dedicate each day to clean one or two items in the bathroom (for example, Mondays clean the toilet, Tuesdays clean the sink, Wednesdays clean the tub, etc.) to ensure your bathroom is always shining!

Add new paint or wallpaper

If the paint in your bathroom is fading or if the wallpaper is starting to tear, that may be a sign that it wants upgrading! An easy way to bring new life into your bathroom and to make it feel brand new is to change the colour of paint or use high-quality and vibrant wallpaper. The good thing about bathroom decor is that it only needs to be updated once there are visible signs of damage, so you really only need to upgrade it every 15 or so years!

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