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Is your bathtub looking like it’s stuck in the past? That means it’s time for an update. Your bathtub is one of the most relaxing places in your entire home and it should be visually appealing to you as well! Your time away from everything to relax requires you to keep your bathtub in the best condition. Below are the signs to update your bathtub and put the focus back on relaxing in it:

The tub’s condition is deteriorating

Although bathtubs are fairly indispensable, they can be fairly susceptible to age and exposure to the cleaning chemicals used on it. Most bathroom materials often scratch, crack and can even rust easily. A bathtub that has a poor appearance leads to even bigger problems such as mould flourishing from the moisture trapped in spots that are cracked.

The decor is dated

Updating your bathtub to go with a bathroom revamp will not only appeal to you but potential buyers who want a more modern bathroom too. If your tub reflects the past and you simply don’t, then it’s time to upgrade! Changing the colour of your bathtub to more modern neutral tones is easy and can completely transform the look. Over time, the walls around the bathtub age and look less appealing, so give them a fresh makeover!

The tub doesn’t fit you comfortably

One of the main purposes of owning a bathtub is being able to relax in it and be completely comfortable. If your bathtub is too short or too narrow, that limits your mobility to get comfortable in any position. This can also be dangerous getting in and out as you could easily slip or get leg cramps from the tub’s uncomfortable shape.

The tub leaks

A leaking tub is one of the worst issues you can face when it comes to your bathtub. Leakage is very difficult to fix and it can lead to mould, or a buildup of mildew. Some try to repair the bathtub leakage, but this is often a temporary solution to a permanent problem. The leak will most likely open up again and can cause even more problems, so the best way to prevent this is by buying an entirely new tub.

The tub isn’t being used

If your bathtub is uncomfortable and you choose not to use it, your tub will not be used leading to more money wasted on keeping it in good condition. You deserve to enjoy warm baths in comfort after a hot day, so don’t let your older tub stop you. Replacing your dated bathtub with one that offers you luxury and comfort at an affordable price is your best bet!

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