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A common theme with bathrooms today is sparkly, white and clean. However, that usually screams sterile, not portrayed as a cozy space you could relax in for hours to de-stress. Rustic style bathrooms are anything but sterile, with character that makes the room uniquely yours to enjoy. By using simple elements like wood, brick, concrete and a well-placed bathtub, you’ll be astonished by the rustic feel that’s brought to the space. To bring a natural look to your space, here are four ways you can create a rustic bathroom.

Have a Small Bathroom?

Grab yourself a freestanding tub, particularly an antique one, like the classic claw foot. Installing a freestanding tub, especially in a small bathroom will leave you with a massive amount of wall space, where you can have a frosted window installed. To make the room look bigger, you can also hang a large mirror or 3D wooden wall art to create that rustic feel you’re looking for.

Transform the Attic Space

Converting your attic into a functional bathroom, even if you create an entire master suite up there, will give you an authentic rustic bathroom like no other. As attics usually have higher ceilings with wooden beam supports, it’s the perfect room to create a rustic space. Keep the wooden beams, as that’ll be the main focal point of this rustic bathroom, and either paint them, stain them or leave them as they are. Have a massive claw foot bathtub installed to add to the atmosphere, along with miss matched tiles of your choice for the floors. Or grab tiles that look like hardwood, it’s up to you.

Install Wooden Floors

Flooring can make or break a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Whether you want to install real hardwood floors or an engineered version, they’ll instantly give your bathroom that rustic feel you’ve been looking for. These will also help to emphasize other wooden elements in your bathroom, even if they’re painted or stained a different colour.

Try Brick Detailing

Whether you decide to use faux brick or the real thing, adding it to your bathroom renovation is just what you need for that unique, rustic touch. This could be the only rustic element in your entire bathroom and no one would be able to mistake the kind of atmosphere you were going for. It’s the perfect focal point, and when paired with a freestanding tub and an antique chandelier, it’ll be the perfect combination of rustic and elegant.

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